LNT University Class 2 Application Period Opens

We will open the application period for LNT University Class 2 the first week of October. This program delivers professional development through regional understanding, targeting Millennials in North Texas.

Based on feedback from LNT U Class 1, Class 2 will be longer, meeting once a month over four months, with program days focused on professional development skills as well as key regional issues impacting North Texas, such as leadership, infrastructure and education.

Tuition for LNT University is $1,500. The application deadline is December 16 and the class launches with a two-day retreat on January 19, 2017. Click here for additional information.

Thank you, Alumni!

Last year, the LNT Alumni Committee approved charging nominal annual dues to support alumni engagement activities. Nearly half of our 200 alumni participated, giving us the opportunity to host the North Texas Delegation of Gubernatorial Appointees, a special LNT Alumni reception to the see the new DFW Airport Administration Building, and allowed us to share the incredible story of Justin Constantine, a U.S. Marine who survived a gun-shot wound to the head.

Please consider supporting the LNT Alumni Action Committee when you receive your 2017 dues statement.

Thank you to those who supported us in 2016!

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