Paul Quinn College

Recap | LNT Class 8 Welcome Reception

Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell 

Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell 

The Leadership North Texas Alumni welcomed the members of LNT Class 8 on August 17 at the annual class kick-off reception. This year, the program did more than introduce the new class to alumni and their fellow class members, but a keynote speaker was added to the program for the alumni.

Paul Quinn College, under the direction of President Michael Sorrell, has experienced phenomenal growth. When he took helm, he transformed the college into a “new urban college” with enrollment up 190 percent after falling to a low of just 125 students. The goal is to grow enrollment to 1,500 students.

“Dallas deserves a great small college,” said President Sorrell. “I saw in Paul Quinn a community that needed a win.”

President Sorrell spoke to alumni about how he came into his role at Paul Quinn College.

“Nine years ago I was driving down the freeway, about to buy a basketball team in Memphis. And I got a call offering me the job as president of Paul Quinn College. Mind you I didn’t know anything about being an educator or an administrator. But I saw something in Paul Quinn. It produced people who have helped me along the way.”

Another notable change he made to the campus was turning the football field into a farm, producing fresh food for nearby residents in the middle of a food desert.

“We focused on what we DID have, not what we didn’t have. It was then that amazing things started to happen.”

This year, members of LNT Class 8 will visit Paul Quinn College for the Education and Workforce day. Click here to learn more about Paul Quinn College.